I started doing family history and Civil War research in the late 1980s and really dove in deep around 1992.

I have been involved with various areas of research: genealogy, local history, the 101st PA, the Civil War Plymouth Pilgrims and Union Civil War Prisoners.

I have never published any of my work (other than on my websites), but have supplied info for various books, magazines, articles and other publications. Because I am open with my research by putting it on the web, some have taken advantage and published some of my research as their own. However, I suppose the fact that the info is getting published for current and future generations is what is most important.

Most authors do source my research, but some do not. If you are going to use info from my websites, please give me credit. Maybe someday I will have the time to publish my own research.

I will be posting some of my research here as I get it compiled and organized. Some, I will keep a little more private in the hopes for future publication.


Beaver Co., PA Civil War Soldier Identification Project


Westmoreland Co., PA Civil War Soldier Identification Project


General Lyon Disaster 1865


Massachusetts & Black Diamond Collision on the Potomac 1865


Potter's POW Cemetery, Charleston, SC


Beaufort National Cemetery Unknown Union Burials, SC


Charleston Race Course Prison, SC